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what we make

Our Pop-UP Menu

Delicious Gyros Wraps, Crispy Halloumi fries, Oregano fries with velvety tzatziki sauce and Loaded fries with the topping of your choice!

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Our Pop-ups

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Our delicious

Gyros Wraps

In all our Pop-ups you can enjoy our delicious traditional wraps!

Choose between chicken and pork gyros, add halloumi for extra taste of Greece. Our vegeterian option with halloumi and our vegan chickpea based gyros are full of flavour!

(Vg)=Vegan, (V)=Vegetarian, (GF)=Gluten Free

Chicken Gyros

Greek pitta, chicken gyros, mustard and mayo coleslaw, fries, tomato, onion, parsley, seasoning


Greek pitta, halloumi cheese, tzatziki, fries, tomato, onion, parsley, seasoning (V)

Pork Gyros

Greek pitta, pork gyros, tzatziki, fries, tomato, onion, parsley, seasoning

Vegan Gyros

Greek pitta, chickpea based gyros, mayo, mustard, fries, tomato, onion, parsley, seasoning (Vg)

Children's wrap

Greek pitta, chicken gyros or halloumi bites, fries, *add tomato sauce or mayo

Make it a Box

Choose your favourite souvlaki filling served in a box without pitta (GF)

Our Crispy


Loaded and more...

For our loaded fries choose topping between chicken, pork or vegan gyros. Our Halloumi fries is one of our vegeterian option and is served with sweet chilli sauce. Enjoy the popular oregano fries with velvety tzatziki sauce. If you looking for a vegan option you can choose vegan loaded fries or simply the best, oregano fries.

(Vg)=Vegan, (V)=Vegetarian, (GF)=Gluten Free

Halloumi fries

Crispy fried halloumi, served with sweet chilli sauce (V) (GF)

Oregano fries

Fries seasoned with oregano, served with velvety tzatziki sauce (V) (GF)

Loaded fries

Fries topped with chicken, pork or vegan gyros. Added  mustard mayo slaw, tzatziki or vegan mustard mayo, with onion, parsley, seasoning.(GF)

The food at Happy Go Souvlaki is absolutely delicious and so fresh every time. The team are so friendly! Strongly recommended to anyone that hasn’t tried yet.

Harriet Thomas-Fitzpatrick
Google review 2022


Freshly made

We source our fresh produce locally and we use well trusted suppliers for our authentic Greek traditional products. 

Our ingredients are humble but when you put them all together… the result is simply epic! Check out our catering Menu.